Introduction to Agriculture: Branches of agriculture - Form 1 Agriculture Notes

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Branches of Agriculture

There are four main branches of agriculture namely:

  • Crop production,
  • Livestock production,
  • Agricultural economics ,
  • Agricultural engineering.

Crop Production

What is crop production?

Crop production is a branch of agriculture that deals with growing of crops

Crop production (Arable farming) includes growing of the following.
Field crop include:

  • Annual crops like cereals and pulses e.g garden peas
  • Perennial crops like coffee, tea, sugarcane
  • Field crops
  • Growing of tea and sugarcane among others

Horticultural crops entails

  • Pomology - growing of fruits
  • Olericulture, - growing of vegetables such as French beans, Cabbages and Tomatoes
  • Floriculture - growing of flowers such as Tuberose, Roses and Carnations. Among other crops

Livestock Production

Livestock production is a branch of agriculture that deals with rearing of animals.

Livestock production involve rearing the following animals

  • Sheep Farming - Sheep rearing for meat production
  • Goats Farming - Goats rearing for meat production
  • Camel Farming - Camel rearing for meat and milk production
  • Pig Farming - Pig rearing for meat production
  • Ranch - Cattle Ranching for meat production
  • Apiculture - Bees Keeping for honey and wax production
  • Aquaculture - Fish farming for white meat production
  • Poultry farming - Chicken rearing for eggs and meat production among others


Agricultural Economics

What is agricultural Economics?

Agricultural economics deals with utilization of scarce resources in production

Agricultural Economics includes:

  • Agricultural Marketing which involves packaging vegetables using market specifications.
  • Farm Management
  • Farm Management in hilly land
  • Production Economics
  • Farm produce of the required quality
  • Farmers Organization
  • Assist farmers in improving their yields and marketing at reduced cost

Agricultural Engineering

What is agricultural engineering?

Application of scientific principles to design, construction and maintenance of agricultural tools and equipment.

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