Workshop tools and equipment - Form 1 Agriculture Notes

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Tightening and loosening nuts and bolts.



Cutting small wires and thin metal and gripping firmly.



Sharpening tools, smoothening or shaping edges of metals,



Smoothening and shaping of wooden structures.

Chisels (wood)


Making grooves in wood.

Cold chisel

cold chisel

Cutting and shaping metal.


Screw drivers


Driving screws in or out of wood or metal.


Cross cut saw

cross cut saw

Cutting across the grain of wood.

Rip saw

rip saw

Cutting along the grain of wood.

Hack saw / Bow saw

hack saw

Cutting metals.

Tenonlback saw

Tenonlback saw

Cutting branches of trees.


Coping saw

copying saw

Cutting Joints on wood and fine sawing.

Compass/keyhole saw

keyhole saw

Cutting curves on thin wood.
Cutting either along or across the grain of wood especially when cutting key holes.

Tin snip

tin snip

Cutting metal sheets.

Braces and bits

brace and bit

Boring holes in wood.

Drill and bits

drill and bit

Boring holes in metal work and woodwork.


Claw hammer

claw hammer

Driving in, removing and straightening nails.

Ball pein

ball pein hammer

Driving in nails, rivets and straightening metal. Also used on cold chisel



Hammering or hitting wood chisel.

Jack plane

jack plane

Fine finishing of wood.



Smoothening curved surfaces of wood such as handles of  jembes, axes.

Measuring equipment ~

Metre ruler

meter rule

Measuring short length -.

Try square 

try square

Measuring length angles and to ascertain squareness.

Marking gauge

marking gauge

Marking parallel lines to the edge of wood.

Fencing pliers

fencing pliers

Cutting wires, hammering staples when fencing.

Vice and clamps

vice and clamp

Firmly holding pieces of work together.

Spirit level

spirit level

Measuring horizontal or vertical levels.

Soldering gun

soldering gun

Melting soldering rods when repairing or fabricating metal sheets. 



Wire brush

wire brush

Brushing rough surfaces. 



Marking and laying out. 

Centre Punch

center punch

Marking the point of drilling. 

Paint brush

paint brush

Applying paint on surfaces. 



Sledge hammer

sledge hammer

Ramming hardware, breaking stones. 

Wire strainer

wire strainer

Tightening wires during fencing. 

Riveting machine

riveting machine

Fix rivets when joining pieces of metal. 

Claw bar

crow bar

Removing long nails from wood, straining fencing wires and digging fencing holes. 

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