Livestock production tools and equipment - Form 1 Agriculture Notes

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Drenching gun

drenching gun

Administering liquid drugs to animals orally.

Bolus gun/dosing gun

bolus gun

Administering solid drugs or tablets to animals orally.

Wool Shears

wool shears

Cutting off wool from sheep.

Hypodermic syringe

hypodermic syringe

Administering drugs by injection for example in vaccination.

Stirrup (bucket) pump

stir up bucket pump

Application of acaricide by hand spraying.



Taking body temperatures of farm animals.



Used in bloodless method of castration.

Halter Rope

halter rope

designed to restrain the animal.

Trimming knife

trimming knife

Cutting short the overgrown hooves.



Stretching rubber ring during castration, dehorning and docking of lambs.

Iron dehorner

iron dehorner

Applies heat on the horn bud to prevent growth of horns.


Nose ring

nose ring

Fixed into the nose of a bull to restrain it.

Strip cup

strip cup

Detecting mastitis in milk products.

Trocar and cannula

trocar and cannula

Relieving a bloated animal of gases particularly ruminants.

Hard broom

hard broom

For scrubbing the floor.

Ear notcher

ear notcher

Making ear notches in livestock.



For holding milk during milking.

Milk chum

milk chum

For holding milk after milking.

Milk strainer/sieve

mil strainer sieve

Removing foreign particles from milk for example hairs and sediments.



Tying or tethering animals.



Milking stool

milking stool

Used by the milker to sit on while milking.

Weighing balance

weighing balance

Weighing milk after milking.

Teeth clipper

teeth clipper

Removal of canine teeth of piglets soon after birth.

Chaff cutter

chaff cutter

Cutting fodder into small bits.

Dehorning wire

dehorning wire

Cutting grown horns.

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