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These are the scenes in the samaritan setbook.

  • Act I Scene I - The Failed Award
  • Act I Scene II - The Rift
  • Act I Scene III - Strategies
  • Act II Scene I - Fear
  • Act II Scene II - Mayor’s Visit
  • Act II Scene III - The Political Strategy
  • Act III Scene I - Ethics lesson
  • Act III Scene II -The Saga
  • Act III Scene III - The Judge’s Blackmail
  • Act IV Scene I - The Plan
  • Act IV Scene II - Reconciliation
  • Act IV, Scene III - Justice

Below is a summary of every act and scene in the Samaritan novel. 

This EasyElimu summary of the samaritan setbook is comprehensive and can be downloaded on the EasyElimu Study App in PDF.

Act I Scene I - The Failed Award

The setting is at Sagrada secondary school hall at around 10.00 am. This school is on a hill in Maracas municipality. The teachers and students are seated and Mr.  Carmona, the school deputy principal walks in and goes straight to the podium. There is a silence. He greets everyone and the students respond in chorus.

He informs them that the Samaritan, the winning innovation in the year’s secondary schools’ national innovation competition, will be officially launched in the municipality. The event will be presided over by his worship Hon. Mossi, The Mayor. The Mayor, few distinguished municipal leaders and members of the local school board have arrived in school and will shortly come into the hall. The students were to remain standing and quiet until the guests are lead into the hall by the principal. Once the guests are seated, Mr. Carmona tells the students to sit. Shortly, The Mayor walks in alongside the principal of the school, Ms. Narine, they are followed by the deputy Mayor, Hon. Ramdaye: the municipality political opposition leader, Hon. Basdeo: the chief executive officer, Maracas municipality, Mr. Harvester and then the members of the local school board. Two journalists shortly enter the hall fully armed with their paraphernalia.

The deputy principal asks the students to take their seats. He then invites the school principal to welcome the guests and lead them through the rest of the Programme. The principal welcomes the guests to the ceremony in which they officially are to launch the Samaritan and present a prize to Alvita and Montano, students at Sagrada secondary school who created the winning innovation.

The principal invites Nicole, the ethics and innovation teacher to introduce the innovation. Alvita and Montano take us in the future, fifty years to come. They make us understand what is happening now and they exaggerate what will happen in fifty years to come. We are exposed to climate change, use of technology and they further tell us about their innovation of The Samaritan.

The Mayor rises to his feet, wears his hat, picks his walking stick and walks center stage. He says that they will neither launch the innovation nor present the prize on this day, because they need time to reflect on the implications. He sends away the teachers and students so that they can discuss with the principal and teacher Nicole the way forward of the innovation. He then tells them that they will not precede the Samaritan as it may turn out to be a platform for misinformation, lies and witch-hunt.

The Mayor tells the principal that she has it within her powers to find a way around it. He tells teacher Nicole to figure out a way… like writing to the ministry of education indicating that there are some fundamental errors in it that need to be solved. He attempts to corrupt them so that they can do away with The Samaritan He raises his voice at the teacher and reminds her through blackmail that his decision supersedes those of any education official anywhere in the country (P. 17).

Pirro tries to tell him that they cannot overrule the ministry, but the Mayor proudly says that he does not argue with a simple chairman of a local school board. Nicole tries to make him understand that the app has been online for a month hence it has been taken over by the national information and communications technology cooperation but Mayor Mossi raises his voice at her even louder and tells her to go and write the letter and copy my office through your school principal. He wants to find a copy of the letter in his office in one hours’ time.

Mossi appreciates all for honouring his call for an emergency meeting. He tells them that there is a new trend gaining ground in the municipality that could adversely affect the leaders. He had asked Harvester to buy all the newspapers as all these newspapers focused on the municipal leaders and had headlines that are extremely damaging.

For Ted and Jaden, these were usual problems leaders must have with the media from time to time. Jaden further suggests that they need to blackmail the reporters and the editors with more boxes of chocolate. Bembe also suggests that they can threaten some of them.

Mossi narrows down the problem to The Samaritan which is the source of information in these newspapers.  Mossi reminds them that he had declined to officially launch this innovation by students of Sagrada secondary school the previous year because he had figured out that it could be a problem for them.

Harvester explains to the members that the Samaritan is mobile application in which people are posting and sharing any information that they have on the conduct of the municipality. Seymour proposes that they obtain cash, identify those most active in posting information and pay them off to stop it. Mossi says that there is public outcry over sums of money every month without rendering any service (supply of air). Harvester says that there are many other allegations including drug trafficking, grabbing of public land, inflation of the costs of the municipal projects, use of proxies to secure municipal tenders, undertaking shoddy public works and gang warfare. Mossi further adds that there is a lot of lifestyle audit of individual municipal officials, where they live, the kind of houses they live in, and their business, the vehicles they own, other properties in their possession, when the properties were acquired and a lot of other personal details.

Act I Scene II - The Rift

It takes place in the morning second Monday of January the following year at the Maracas municipal headquarters in the Mayor’s boardroom. The room displays affluence. It is an urgent meeting convened by the mayor comprising of key leaders in the municipal administration. Present members in this meeting are the Municipal Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Harvester; the principal judge, Justice Ian Jaden, The Municipal Inspector General of Police, Inspector  Bembe, Hon.Ted, secretary Department of Health and Environment; Hon Seymour ,secretary, Department of planning and development and the Deputy Mayor, Hon. Ramdaye.

It is an emergency meeting called by the Mayor Hon. Mossi after attending a closing ceremony at Sagrada secondary school. The skit is also available on the App called The Samaritan which is likely to be have been viewed by millions of people.

Mossi finds out whether the members have read the Newspapers .They negatively swing their heads confirming that they haven’t read the Newspapers. The Mayor then picks the newspapers and reads the headlines aloud. The mayor finds out that the headlines are exposing the rot in Maracas municipality.

All of them have suggestive titles, for example, The Caribbean Watch writes “Municipal leadership: A Criminal Enterprise”, The Insight writes “Rot in Maracas Municipal Council Exposed”, and The Spotlight writes ‘Municipal Leaders Face Imprisonment’.

The Mayor is worried about this exposure and to him he is aware that the source of all this information is the skit organized by Nicole at Sagrada secondary school. Surprisingly, Ted claims that such headlines are common. According to him rot is a common thing in Maracas Municipality.

Jaden feels that to stop such writings in the newspapers the reporters and editors should be given boxes of chocolate. The judge displays corruption meaning he is an unjust judge.

Ted seems to be more aware of the situation; he is relaxed and not even surprised about the Samaritan. According to him such online allegations cannot form a strong basis for prosecution and conviction. According to the Newspapers Mossi points out that Ted and Seymour are the culprits who supplied Air whereby details of payments to the company have been unearthed. Harvester goes further stating the allegations unearthed by the Newspapers; drug trafficking, grabbing of public land, inflation of the cost of municipal living, undertaking shoddy public works , murder and gang warfare. Bembe is accused of illegally owning Madingo Golf Club.

In this meeting members are thinking on how they can intimidated the developers of this app, humiliate even the press men just to cleanse themselves of the menace. Some people like Harvester and the Jaden remain liberal minded. Jaden states that he does not wish to be part of the criminal proposals, he says he is not ready to help clean the mess. Seymour proposes that they approach the boy and the girl to the matter. Mossi feels that it is the Ethics and innovation teacher to be dealt with. Harvester believes that it’s only the truth that can set everyone free, he feels that such can be done through the conduct of a truth and reconciliation exercise.

At the end of this scene a rift occurs between Mossi, Ted and Seymour. Seymour and Ted feel that Mossi is not willing to help them out of the trouble .They are planning to mobilize the members of the Council Chambers against Mossi who threatens them that he is the smoke that thunders.

Act I Scene III-Strategies

Scene three takes place a week later after a meeting held at Maracas Municipal headquarters in the Mayor’s boardroom. It happens in Madingo Golf Club-an exclusive members club. Mr. Harvester and Inspector Bembe are seated pensively, facing each other. The Mayor is also present. Mossi calls the two dependable allies. Bembe predicts his death that he logged in to the app and learned of being accused of corruption, violation of human rights, drug peddling and extortion. He says that it has made him drift into comma at some point. Mossi tells them that Ted and Seymour are mobilizing councilors and Aldermen to pass a vote of no confidence in him. He fears that he is likely to end up in prison

They discus on what the media has presented in the Newspapers. Bembe tells the Mayor that The Sentinel claims that he lost a tooth during a boardroom meeting. Contrarily, Harvester tells Mossi that The Caribbean Watch claims that Bembe’s Hotel is built on Marcas university land. This makes him so fearful since it is the only investment he has. Bembe is also claimed to be a member of the Ghettoboyz gang that robs people all over the municipality.

They set strategies on how they can deny ever refusing to award the students for innovation. Mossi suggests the issue be considered as cyber bullying. They are even planning on how to put Ramdaye and his team behind bars so as to stop any allegations against them. Mossi suggests that they use the militia group so as to make the Municipal headquarters a no-go zone. They plan to use The Blackman who heads the Red Eagle gang, bringing down The Samaritan and convincing Nicole against pursuing The App. Mossi however believes Nicole might be a challenge to them. Bembe suggests he has ways of making people switch allegiances. They agree on implementing all possible measures and review them where need be.

Act II Scene I - Fear

The following morning around eight, at the Sagrada Secondary School, Nicole is visited by Alvita and Montano in her office. They are afraid that the Mayor gave Nicole an ultimatum to stop the play The Samaritan. He fears that the Samaritan might get her into trouble. Nicole assures them that everything will be alright. Nicole reminds the students of the parable of the Good Samaritan in the Bible. She tells them that despite the hostilities between the Jews and the Samaritans the ‘man’ in the parable is treated with compassion and taken to a safe place. She trusts the Samaritan App is an excellent platform that gives every person an opportunity to speak out against wrong doing and to shave ideas that will make life better. She encourages them that everyone must all take responsibility for the progress of their municipality to improve individual lives.

Alvita says the App will not help as the leaders will not allow it. Nicole assures them that The Samaritan will change the history of the municipality.  Montano says that Ms. Nicole may be in danger because they heard what The Mayor said.  Alvita says that The Samaritan has been all over the newspapers, radio and TV channels for over two months and has grown so big and it is no longer suitable for them. Nicole criticizes the life of the leaders that the salaries they earn are known and cannot afford flaunty lifestyle, yet the leaders own big vehicles, huge houses and have plenty of money (P.53). She advises the students to stand firm with The App and demand that the leaders do things right. She urges them to pursue the App. Nicole’s mobile phone rings, she says that the principal wants to see her , hence she would see them later. 

Act II Scene II - Mayor’s Visit

The school principal, Narine is seated in the boardroom; Shalini, the secretary informs her that Nicole has come to see her. The principal apologises to Nicole for interfering with her schedule and informs her that Mayor Mossi is on his way to see her, possibly to follow her on his directive of stopping the National launch of the Samaritan app. Nicole asks the principal if she has communicated the message from the minister of education on the matter to the Mayor’s office. She says she did send it. The principal says that the App has sent shock waves across the municipality and many leaders and other people are in panic, thus she feels that the App is dangerous and Nicole needs to find a way of shutting it down.

Nicole says that people think she is behind the App’s because she is in charge of innovation and a mentored two students.

The Mayor pays a visit to Nicole to convince her into deleting the damaging information about him on the App. Ms Nicole is adamant and says she doesn’t own the App or have any rights as it was being handled from the national level and she could do nothing about it. The Mayor distances himself from most of the blame and accusations mentioned in The Samaritan. He points out various instances of misappropriation of public resources, embezzlement of funds and the shoddy work done by contractors which is as a result of rogue leadership in the municipality. Nicole reminds him as being guilty for he is for most of the crimes done under his watch as he has not rebuked or sued any of the leaders he claims to be involved in such matters. The Mayor accesses Nicole for being politically motivated and she was being used by politicians to fight him through The Samaritan.

Act II Scene III- The Political Strategy

The same day, Thursday late in the afternoon, the Mayor had Ms. Nicole at Sagrada secondary school, the Deputy Mayor, Hon. Ramdaye, Hon. Seymour and Hon. Ted hold their meeting at the Madingo Golf Club to discuss the ousting of Mayor Mossi.

Ramdaye, Ted and Seymour meet to re-strategies how they are going to oust Mayor Mossi from power. They opt to recruit more members to support them.  The members are of different opinion, some with independent minds and cannot be swayed by allegations. Another group is the  political entrepreneurs who want to side with the one who will pay them well, and the last group is the indecisive ones who resort to support the opposition chief Hon. Basdeo so that they can gain more numbers to have a vote -of- no- confidence against the Mayor.

Basdeo argues out that in order to succeed in removing Mossi from power they need to alienate him from the people and set the people against him.

He comes up with several lies that could incite the people against the Mayor.

First the marginalization of other communities is one of the strategies used. The lie is that Mossi had earmarked all the money allocated to the development of the wards occupied by Mossi’s ethnic group members. Another lie used against him was to claim that Mossi’s people have a smell resembling the battle while other people don’t smell.

Basdeo suggests that they should convene a huge political rally, and Hon. Ted is to distribute the topics to the councilors and older men who are on their side so that they can prepare adequately for the speech. The rally is to be held on Wednesday.

Act III Scene I- Ethics lesson

The scene is at Sagrada secondary school in a classroom, it is on a Friday morning. Nicole comes in to teach the class about the society. They reflect on the previous lesson about solving the problems of human society. In the previous lesson, they focused on the mind and its role in solving the problems. Nicole informs the students that they will focus on the second part of the human heart which is the spirit. The spirit is made up of both the good and bad.

The students learn the relevance rules. They further learn that failure to follow traffic rules results in injuries and death. In comparison, Nicole tells the learners that God created human beings and gave them rules that they need to follow. These are the Ten Commandments that guide human beings. A biblical allusion is made of the fall of Jerusalem and the temple after a long siege by the Babylonians after failing to abide by some of the Ten Commandments like not worshipping other gods, not killing among others.

The students also mention vices such as corruption, murder, robbery and sexual immorality. The municipality faces a lot of challenges’ because of irresponsible leaders. The hospitals do not have drugs because of theft, soliciting of bribes by the police officers and injustices in courts.

The scene ends as Narine calls Nicole out of class so that she can take inspector Bembe to her office for investigation.

Act III Scene II - The Saga

The scene unfolds at Nicoles offices. Nicole is with inspector Bembe at the office. Inspector Bembe tries to intimidate Nicole so that she can give up on the APP Samaritan. She is accused that her mobile phones signal was spotted in a murder scene. Moreover, Bembe accuses her of stealing the school generator. All this is done to scare her; however Nicole does not give up. Nicole is warned against fighting a losing battle.

Bembe accuses her of being malicious by creating the Samaritan APP to bring problems to the leadership of Maracas Municipality. From their conversation, we learn that the APP has been fundamental in exposing poor leadership in the municipality. Nicole is harassed and arrested by the police officers.

ACT III Scene III - The Judge’s Blackmail

The scene takes place in Madingo Golf club in the Jungle room. The Mayor and inspector Bembe are the first to meet; later on they are joined by Jaden. Bembe informs the Mayor about Nicole’s arrest. The people at Maracas municipal turn up in large numbers to protest her arrest. Judge Jaden dismisses the case therefore Nicole is set free.

The Mayor thanks Bembe for ensuring that the deputy mayor and his supporters did not hold a meeting that was meant to discuss a vote -of -no confidence. Bembe informs him that Hon. Ramdaye and his team has regrouped and plans to meet. Bembe promises the Mayor to handle the matter by involving the Red Eagle and the Ghettoboyz.

The principal judge Jaden joins the Mayor and Bembe. The Mayor informs him about Ramdaye and his team who are planning to impeach him. Mossi says that he is aware that Ramdaye has had some illegal matters. The Mayor plans to take cases against his deputy mayor to court. Mossi requests the judge to rule those cases in favor of him so that he delays their plan to impeach him. Jaden states that he cannot do that because he is a man of considerable learning and very mindful of his professional integrity.

The Mayor and Bembe manipulate the judge, they tell him he is also part of the corruption happening in Maracas municipality. He is reminded of the rodents that are breed in the farm that he owns jointly with his mistress Ivy.  The judge is also told of the case that he ruled in favor of ivy his longstanding mistress. The Mayor gives him conditions that he needs to fulfill. He is told to convict Hon. Basdeo and the Mayor’s deputy, for their involvement in the grain scandal, to jail Hon. Seymour and Hon. Ted for supplying air to the municipal of Maracas.

Act IV Scene I - The Plan

Tuesday late morning at Mandingo Golf Club, Justice Jaden and Harvester meet. He starts by asking for help concerning the Samaritan since he was accused of countless crimes. He says that he will be crucified for the things the mayor tells him to do. His whole family -wife, children and himself- are fasting and praying trusting God will get him out of this mess. Jaden tells Harvester that Mayor Mossi had instructed the municipal lawyers to file cases against Hon. Ramdaye, Hon Seymour, Hon. Ted and Hon. Basdeo and should be jailed as soon as possible.

Jaden says that he can't convict Hon Basdeo and Hon Ramdaye since it will be like betraying the two and having benefited from them. He goes ahead and justifies to Harvester that a judge does not operate in a vacuum. The Ethos prevailing in the society influences his thinking and actions and his rulings are in many respects a reflection of the prevailing culture in the society.

Jaden is tormented beyond measure. He says he has been seeing rats and rodents running all over the place even when his eyes are wide open. Furthermore, he was even catching sewer rats that trigger his ulcers.

Jaden goes ahead and accuses the inspector of police who owns the Madingo Golf Club as having spat on his food somewhere in the kitchen.

Jaden advises Harvester to use the fundamental principle of the philosophy of utilitarianism which involves making decisions that will result in the greatest happiness for the greatest number

Act IV Scene II - Reconciliation

Scene two is set on Wednesday morning at the chambers of the Principal Judge. Basdeo and his company, the Mayor and his company are present. Justice Jaden welcomes everyone in the chambers to plan on how to escape the trouble from Samaritan.

Mossi and Seymour conflict over the real problem and the hitch against freedom. Jaden tells the members that they are all risking prosecution and even as some they argue about budgetary matters they should know the Minister for Local Government is very concerned about what is happening in Maracas. Jaden states that they should file prosecution early to pre-empt any legal actions against them from other quarters in the principle of double jeopardy. For Jaden this is a friendly prosecution in which they should identify the crimes they will be accused of, then get friendly people whom they should pay them to lodge the case against them. That would delay the situation and allow them find a solution.

Ted curiously asks Jaden what may happen to them in the event he dies while the matter is still in court. Surprisingly Mossi tells him that Jaden will outlive him. Jaden continues to give them alternatives. He tells them that they can also halt the Samaritan, and then front someone to lodge a case and argue that the app is infringing on the right to privacy. It is intrusive and divulging information about people’s private lives in public domain. They should claim that the Samaritan, further encourages undue prodding into the person-in the contravention of the law. According to Ted this is the best way to go since it makes perfect sense to him. Harvester claims that it can be challenged based on the right to information. Jaden counters this stating that by the time an appeal is made they will have figured out something else.

Basdeo suggests they talk to Nicole once more but Mossi warns them of  her boldness that makes her not to be threatened by intimidation. Basdeo proposes that they give her a powerful position at the Municipal Council. Jaden says that the matter is beyond Nicole since the public is already outraged. Mossi thinks Nicole is playing a power game in a massive political game of conspiracy. Jaden opines that they need some box of chocolate for Nicole but Mossi fears if she rejects it that will be messy.

Act IV, Scene III - Justice

The setting of the scene is at Sagrada Secondary School on a Wednesday, during lunch break. Narine is in the boardroom, pacing uneasily about the room, breathing heavily. There is a knock at the door, Nicole enters.

Narine, the school principal seems agitated and angry. She scorns Nicole for dragging her into the conflict between her and the leaders at Maracas municipality. Narine cautions Nicole that she is neither her house help nor secretary to keep on receiving phone calls from the municipal leaders informing her that they are coming to see her.

The principal tells Nicole that her engagements are not fair to the students and school and that she should give up on the App. Narine candidly tells Nicole that the struggle for good governance stretches as far as back as the beginning of human history and leadership has worsened over years. Nicole is informed that some visitors will be coming to meet her in school.

Shalini tells the principal that the visitors have arrived. The visitors comprise of Justice Jaden, followed by the Mayor, Mr. Harvester, The Inspector Bembe, Hon. Seymour, Hon .Ted, Hon. Ramdaye, Hon. Basdeo. The principal welcomes them. Narine tells them that she had planned to attend to crucial school matters, she exits the boardroom and leaves Nicole with the leaders of maracas municipality.

Nicole asks them about the visit. Jaden assures her that all is well and requests her to forgive them for their intrusion into her busy schedule. Ironically, Inspector Bembe apologises for arrest and arraignment in court. He tells Nicole that it was his mistake, therefore he apologises. In addition, the Mayor offers his apology to Nicole, he says that most of the times he steps on people’s toes in the course of duty, but it is never personal. Ted offers Nicole a present in form of a gold ring, she declines the offer. Nicole tells Ted that she does not wear them.

Jaden informs Nicole that they had held a lengthy meeting as the top leaders of Maracas municipality. In the meeting they all agreed that they consult Nicole on necessary changes that they can make to ensure that the future of Maracas is safe guarded. Not only does Bembe and the Mayor agree that the leadership of Maracas has failed in its mandate to the people but also says that the society is doomed unless a clear strategy is put in place to secure the future. Nicole tells says she is ready to work with patriotic citizens who are transparent and accountable in the management of public affairs.

Mossi the Mayor shakes Nicole’s hand and tells her that they welcome her offer to work with them.  They are ready for change that will ensure that the public resources will no longer be stolen and justice will be served. Nicole is optimistic that if everyone acts right all will be well. Jaden proposes that Nicole joins the municipality as Director General. The Mayor says a contract will be drafted for Nicole and she will oversee the whole department and report to the Mayor only.  Nicole turns down the offer stating that the change needed is of heart, spirit among the people and more so the leaders themselves but not by creation of new offices. She tells them that everyone needs to be responsible, honest, truthful, and abide by the laws of simply obeying the maker. Basdeo agrees with Nicole, nevertheless, he is hopeless with Maracas where leaders are self-seekers. Nicole says there is hope as long as people turn to their creators. The Mayor asks Nicole how she can help them and she reminds him of their mess.

 Alvita and Montano enter and inform Nicole of police are in the school. Inspector Tajo; the Head of the National Anti-Corruption investigation Bureau comes in and tells them that he is under instructions to escort them to the headquarters of the Anti-Corruption Investigations Bureau for Clarification of a variety of other issues. They are arrested as Alvita says confirms that no one can escape from the consequences of their actions.

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