HOME SCIENCE - Form 1 End of Term 1 2019 Examinations

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SECTION A (40 marks)

  1. Name five parts of the dermis. (2½ marks)
  1. List three common skin infections that affect humans. (1½ mark)
  1. What is the importance of Homescience to the individual? (3 marks)
  1. What is personal hygiene? (2 marks)
  1. List four items referred to as accessories as far as good grooming is concerned. (4 marks)
  1. Name three types of skin. (3 marks)
  1. Identify three ways of preventing skin diseases. (3 marks)
  1. State four functions of the human skin. (4 marks)
  1. Give four points to consider when selecting clothes for a short plump figure. (4 marks)
  1. Mention four dangers that may occur due to misuse of cosmetics. (4 marks)
  1. State two reasons why an adolescent should practice proper hygiene. (2 marks)
  1. State the differences between burns and scalds. (3 marks)
  1. Suggest four ways of preventing cuts at home. (4 marks)


    1. Describe how to care for the feet and toes. (10 marks)
    2. Explain how to launder your white cotton handkerchief. (10 marks)

SECTION C (40 marks)

    1. Name the three types of modern houses. (3 marks)
    2. Name the different types of kitchen plans. (4 marks)
    3. Suggest four points to consider when renting a house. (4 marks)
    4. Give four disadvantages of using grass as roofing material.  (4 marks)
    5. List five cleaning equipment used for cleaning the house. (5 marks)
    1. Highlight the reasons for cleaning the house. (8 marks)
    2. List down five improvised cleaning agents. (5 marks)
    3. Define the following types of cleaning.
      1. Daily cleaning  (3 marks)
      2. Weekly cleaning   (3 marks)
    4. What is dirt   (1 mark)
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