English Paper 1 Questions and Answers - Form 3 End Term 3 2022 Exams

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    Over the December holidays you went camping in the Katende forest as a scout’s team. You were there for three days and each day was quite eventful. Provide entries for your personal journal for the three days.
    Read the passage below and fill in the blank space with the most appropriate word.
    Ideas rule the World. Take a look around you. Everything you can see was 1_____________ an Idea in someone’s mind. This means that everyone born on earth has a brain that has what it 2_____________ to get from where they are to where they want to be, and the bridge is an idea.
    The sad thing is that not everyone uses their brain 3_____________. Many people focus on the past where offence is remembered and pain is relieved, stagnation then sets in. You do not need ideas from your past. You need them to 4__________________ negative or unfavorable events in your past to 5________________ in your future. The only purpose for remembering the past should be to use the information to create a better future.
    Rising from your past also has to do with 6 _______________ out who to relate with for future endeavors and 7_______________ to leave behind. Destiny is not emotional, and so not everyone who was 8________________ in your past will feature in your future.
    When I was in primary school, my 9________________ were so significant. As I progressed, their significance 10_____________________ to diminish.
    1. Read the poem below and answer questions that follow

      Keep it dark
      Keep it dark!
      Don’t tell your wife
      For your wife is a log
      Who will burst into flame!
      Keep it dark!

      Keep it dark!
      Don’t tell your wife
      For your wife is a pot
      That is blown by the breeze
      And then bang!
      It is all out and about

      1. Identify two aspects that make the poem to be categorized as oral. (2marks)
      2. Which aspect of style enhances the rhythm or musicality of the poem? (1mark)
      3. How would you make the recitation of this poem lively? (2marks)
      4. How would you recite the second line of the first stanza? (1mark)
    2. Identify the following genre
      Sheila sells sea shells at the sea shore (1mark)
      1. State the characteristics of the above genre (2marks)
      2. State two functions of the above genre (2marks)
    3. Construct two sentences each to bring out two different meanings in the words below
      1. Minute 
      2. Mean (4marks)
    4. Why is it important to look directly at people when you are making an oral presentation? (3marks)
    5. Underline the silent letters in the following words (6marks)
    6. Assume you are the student leader of Guidance and Counseling in your school. The principal asks you to research and write a report on rising cases of drug abuse in your school and present your findings during PTA and students joint meeting. State how you would deal with stage fright associated with public speaking of this kind (4marks)


Question 1:
Must be a personal journal with clearly marked days and dates. Award marks as follows:-

  • Title: Personal journal
    Day one ½ /Date1 ½
    Day two ½ /date ½
    Day three ½ /Date ½ (Total 4marks)
  • Content: - Clearly explained events appealing to all human senses
    Day 1 (3marks)
    Day 2 (3marks)
    Day 3 (3marks)
    (Total C= 9marks)
  • Tone: Must be informal tone (2marks)
    Language (5marks)
    G. Total (20marks)


  1. Once
  2. takes
  3. appropriately
  4. turn
  5. victories
  6. sorting
  7. who
  8. significant/important
  9. teachers
  10. began


    1. Repetition e.g. Keep it dark
      Imagery/figurative language e.g. your wife is a pot
    2. Repetition for emphasis
    3. Use of appropriate gestures
      • Dramatization
      • Appropriate tonal variation
      • Appropriate facial expressions
        *Must be statements and cite examples award Any two (1x2)
    4. With a rising intonation (Reason must be provided)
    1. Short form – Tongue twister
      Give reasons
    2.  Assonance e.g. Sheila Sell Sea
      Sibilance /sh/ /s/
    3. Trains children pronunciation and fluency
      Passing time
      Language proficiency
  3. Minute - Time/Small/Tiny/Records proceedings
    Mean - Average/ Message/Selfish
  4. To give a positive impression
    • Avoid distractors
    • To influence the audience
    • To get feedback (How people are reacting)
    • To enable the audience observe gestures and facial expressions.
  5. Often
  6. Taking exercises
    Taking a deep breath
    Greet the audience
    Preparation, be presentable
    Body posture (proper)
    Proper audibility and articulations
    Write points in an organized manner for quick reference
    Research on the topic. (5marks)
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