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Democracy and Human Rights - Class 7 Social Studies Revision Notes

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Democracy and Human Rights

Benefits of Democracy

  1. People are treated fairly
  2. All people are treated equally before the law
  3. Right to own property
  4. Freedom to choose meet others or practise their belief
  5. People participate in electios to choose leaders of their choice
  6. Right to make decisions on issues affecting them
  7. People develop a sense of belonging and responsibility
  8. Promote equal sharing of national reources
  9. Promote peace and prosperity
  10. Promote freedom of choice

Abuse of Human Rights

It is the act of denying or preventing people from enjoying their rights
Examples are;

  1. Mob justice
  2. Raping
  3. Discrimination and favouritism
  4. Wrongful arrest
  5. Beating of suspects
  6. Unfairness before the law
  7. Child labour
  8. Murder and killings
  9. Bullying others in schools
  10. Mishandling of suspects by the police
  11. Over-working and under paying workers
  12. Beating of wives by their husbands at home and vice versa

Importances of Respecting Human Rights

  1. Preservation of human dignity
  2. Promotion of social justice
  3. Freedom from discrimination
  4. Success of democracy
  5. Fair treatment and equal opportunities for all
  6. Positive critisism to the people’s in power(government)
  7. Involving people in making decisions on matters affecting them
  8. Promotes equal treatment of all people before the law
  9. Reduces misuderstanding between citizens and the government
  10. Controls abuse of power by the government against individual citizens
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