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Social Relations and Cultural Activities - Class 7 Social Studies Revision Notes

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Social relations refers to the way members of the society relate or get on with each other.
Cultural activities refers to things or activities done according to the way of life of people.

The Family

Is a group of people related and joined by blood, adoption or marriage.
Is the smallest basic unit of a society.
It begins when an adult man and an adult woman are joined together in marriage.


Is a lawful union between an adult man and woman as a husband and wife.
Marriage is for companionship, love and procreation.

Marriage Systems

  1. Customary marriage
  2. Civil marriage
  3. Religious marriage

Customary marriage

Also called traditional marriage
Is conducted according to the traditional customs and culture of the community.
Is presided over by the elders within a community.
Dowry is paid as per the customs of the community
It allows polygamy
Dowry strengths the marriage bond.
Marriage certificate is not issued.

Civil marriage

It takes place in a government office
Is presided over by a government officer general, magistrate, a district commissioner
The couple gives 21 days or three weeks notice
It is strictly monogamous
Is registered after the exchange of vows.
A marriage certificate is issued
Bride price is usually given to the brides parents before the wedding .

Religious marriage

Is carried out according to the religious beliefs of the couple.
Is presided over by a religious leader
Is conducted in a mosque, church or a temple.
It is monogamous except in islam.
Islamic law allows a maximum of 4 wives(polygamay)
Vows are exchanged
Marraige certificate is issued
Bride price is paid before the wedding.

Importance of the institution of marriage

  • It ensures the continuity of the family and community.
  • It provides campanionship
  • It is the base for building family life.
  • It provides security to family members
  • It gives identity/sense of belonging to family members.
  • It enriches the culture of different communities.
  • It helps to control the spread of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • It promotes responsibility for both men and women.

The School

This is a place where children go to learn.
Is a place where children acquire knowledge and skills.

The School Administration

This is the day to day management of the school.
This refers to how an institution or organization is run or managed.
Public schools are built and managed by the government
A well managed school runs property and pupils learn well.
The team involved in school administration include;

  1. School committee
  2. Headteacher
  3. Deputy headteacher
  4. Teachers
  5. Pupils
  6. Parents

The School Committee

Is hresponsible for managing each public primary school
Is made up of ;

  • Headteacher
  • Members of local community
  • Parents representatives
  • Schoolsponsors
  • D.E.B rep

It is headed by a chairman
The headteacher is the secrectary to the school committee.

The Headteacher

Incharge of day to day running of the school
Links between the teachers and the ministry of education.
Ensures good discipline and cleanliness in the school.
Secretary to the school committee.
Keeps important school records.
Takes care of the school property
Ensures safety of everyone in the school
Admits new pupils to the school.
Supervises work done by teachers, pupils and other workers.
Receives all school funds an behalf of the school committee.
Ensures school finances and resources are well used.
Assigns duties to other members of staff.

Deputy Headteacher

Assists the headteacher
Heads disciplinary committee in the school
Supervises teacher lesson attendance
Writes minutes during staff meetings
Prepares school timetable and duty roster.
Incharge of discipline in the school.
Teaches his/her subjects.


Main role is to teach
Supervising pupils on thier responsibilities
Maintaining discipline among pupils
Guiding and counseling pupils
Role model to the pupils
Day to day running of the school as teachers on duty.
Preparing and maintaining class registers and progress records.
Identifying and developing talents in pupils.


Making sure their children attend school
Making sure their children attend to their homework.
Attending all school meetings called by the school management.
Contribute funds and other materials to build the school.

Importance of the school administration

  • It decides on the pupils enrolment
  • Coordinates the running of the school and its programmes
  • Promotes high standards of discipline
  • Ensures high academic standards
  • Ensures that pupils needs are met.
  • It looks for teachers to teach the pupils who come to school.
  • Purchases school books, desks and other equipment.
  • Is a link between the community, the school and the government.

The role of the school in community development

  • Teaching pupils to obey the law of the land.
  • Equip pupils with necessary skills to help them in their life.
  • Helps pupil to discover and nurture their talents
  • Offering employment the community in the school.
  • Helps in preservation of the community’s culture.
  • It provides facilities such as playing fields, halls for use by the community.
  • Pupils and teachers participate in community projects e.g.tree planting and cleaning the environment.

Contributions of the community in the school development.

  • Taking their children to school
  • Source of labour for the school
  • Donates land for building or expanding the school
  • Donating materials needed for constructing school.
  • Providing resource personnel for guidance and counselling.
  • Allows schools to use their facilities.e.g halls
  • Giving moral support to the school e.g.
    • During prize giving
    • Sports days.
  • Providing pupils with necessary materials e.g. books, pens.
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