Factors Influencing Agriculture: Human factors - Form 1 Agriculture Notes

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Agricultural production is influenced by external factors which include

  • Human factors
  • Biotic factors
  • Climatic factors
  • Edaphic factors

Human Factors

These are human characteristics which affect the way decisions are made and operations carried out.

Level of Education and Technology:

  • Skills
  • Technological advancements

Human Health/HIV-AIDS:

- These affect the strength, the vigour, vision and the determination to work.
- HIV/AIDS is the biggest threat to human health today and has long lasting effects on agriculture, such as;

  • Shortage of farm labour.
  • Loss of family support.
  • Low living standards leading to despondency and hopelessness.
  • Increased criminal activities.
  • More time spent by the Government and NGO's in Carring for the sick.


- Stability in the countries' economy affect agricultural production.

Government Policy:

- These are governmental laws which have been enacted to protect farmers, land and livestock.

- They include:

  • Food policy
  • Policies on control of livestock parasites and diseases.
  • Policies on marketing of both local and export products and others.

Transport and Communication:

- For agricultural goods to move from the farm to the consumers.

Cultural Practices and Religious Beliefs:

- These activities hinder important changes in a society that may bring agricultural development.

Market Forces:

- Demand and supply forces which affect prices of commodities in a free market.

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