Reflection and Congruence Questions and Answers - Form 2 Topical Mathematics

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  1. Given that A’ (3, -3) is the image of A (-1, -5) under a reflection. Find the equation of the mirror line in the form of ax+by+c= 0 
  2. Three planes A, B, and C leave an airport P simultaneously at 9.30 a.m. Plane A flies on a bearing of 070o from P at a speed of 400km/h. Plane B flies on a bearing of 290oat a speed of 500km/h. Plane C flies on a bearing of 162o from P at a speed of 300km/h.
    (Use scale drawing for this question)
    1. Show by scale drawing, the relative positions of the 3planes A, B, and C three hours after leaving airport P. (Use scale 1cm represents 200km)
    2. After 3 hours, B turns and head straight to the current position of A at the same speed it had. Determine the scale drawing, the time it takes to reach this point, to the nearest minute.
    3. Determine the bearing and distance of B from C after the first 3 hours of flight after leaving P


    1. Dist. traveled in 3hrs               s. drawing
      Plane A − 400 x 3 = 1200km − cm
      Plane B − 500 x 3 − 7.5cm
      Plane C − 300 x 3 = 900km − 4.5cm
    2. Dist. BA = 12.8 0.1 x 200 = 2560km 20km
      T = D/S = 2560/500 hrs
      = 5.12hrs of 5hrs, 7.2mns
      ≈ 5hrs, 7min (nearest min)
    3. Bearing of B from C = 360o – 20o = 340o
      Dist. BC = (10.9  0.1 x 200)km
      = 2180km±20km
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