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Instructions to Candidates

  • Answer all the questions in this paper.
  • Candidates must answer the questions in English.
  1. You are the secretary of the Debating Club in your school. In consultation with the chairperson, you call a meeting for 18th March 2019 at 2.00pm. Out of the total membership of 15, 10 attend 4 are absent with apology and 1 does not send any apology. The agenda is as follows.
    • Preliminaries
    • Confirmation of previous minutes
    • Matters arising
    • Preparations for The Great Debaters’ Contest.
    • Filling the vacant position of treasurer.
    • Club activities for third term.
    • A.O.B

    Record the minutes of the meeting. (20mks)
  1. Read the passage below and fill each blank space with the most appropriate word.       (10 mks)

    Many people are contented merely with the ability to construct correct, grammatical sentences. .....1….. that is not enough. In addition, we need to introduce variety in our sentences. If they all ......2…… the same way; or if they are all of the same length, they become monotonous. Variety creates a .....3.… of freshness. How would you like to eat the same type of food every day for a month; or to wear the same .....4.…. for all occasions; or to have the same teacher for every lesson for a term? Most of us .....5.…… get sick and tired. Effective writing is .....6.….. when our sentences exhibit variety. A short sentence is striking and emphatic among longer ones, simply because of its ......7.……. When we examine paragraphs written by .....8.… stylists, we notice that they vary their sentence construction: simple, .....9……. and complex sentences all have their places. Variety is the spice of .......10……., they say.
    1. Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.

      “The Sloth” by Theodora Roethke

      In moving- slow he has no peer,
      You ask something in his ear;
      He thinks about it for a year;

      And then, before he says a word
      There, upside down (unlike a bird)
      He will assume you have heard-
      A most ex-as-per-at-ing lug.

      But should you call his manner smug,     
      He’ll sigh and give his branch a hug;
      Then off again to sleep he goes,
      Still swaying gently by his toes,
      And you just know he knows he knows.

      1. Comment on the rhyme scheme of this poem.    (2 mks)
      2. Identify two sound devices used in the poem apart from rhyme. (4 mks)
      3. How would you perform line 7 of this poem and why?     (2 mks)
    2. A cat can’t catch a crazily clever cricket
      1. Classify and give two features of the above genre. (3 mks)
      2. Givethree important functions of the item above.     (3 mks)
    3. An external speaker has been invited to your school to talk about good study habits. What would you do to ensure you listen effectively during the presentation?   (4 mks)
    4. Indicate the intonation you would use in the following sentences.   (4 mks)
      1. Our teacher likes hard working students.
      2. Did Judas betray Jesus?
      3. That was amazing!
      4. Which school won the music festivals?
    5. Indicate the stressed syllable in the following words.   (3 mks)
      1. Moderate.
      2. Congratulate.
      3. Manipulate.
    6. Brenda Pendo has been invited for an interview at Brexa Enterprises to fill the position of marketing manager. She attends the interview though she is slightly late. Read the conversation that takes place between her and the members of the panel and answer the questions below.                                                                        
      Pendo:       (Rushes in panting) Good morning?
      Chair:        (Lifting his eyes off his laptop) Oh! Give us a few and we will call you in.
      Pendo:       It’s fine with me. (A few minutes later she is called in and takes a seat)
      Chair:        Welcome to this interview Ms. Pendo. I have with me Mr. Mati, Ms. Riziki and I am Niko Jabali.
      Pendo:       I think I know all of you.
      Ms. Riziki:  Tell us your official name.
      Pendo:       They call me Pendo or Pesh.
      Ms. Riziki:  Is that your official name? Anyway tell us about yourself and what you intend to do for this company.
      Pendo:       (Her mobile phone rings suddenly) Oh sorry for that it must be my mum she misses me a lot. I am the most qualified person for this post as my documents show.
      Mr. Mati:    Could we have a look at your documents.
      Pendo:       (Fumbling with her bag) Here is my CV, I think I forgot the other documents outside, I can rush for them.
      Chair:        Don’t worry we will proceed without them. MS Riziki please proceed.
      Ms. Riziki:  What do you know about this company?
      Pendo:       (Absent mindedly) Well, not much except that I would love to work here.
      Mr. Mati:    Anything concrete Ms. Pendo!
      Pendo:       I am told you offer very good terms.
      Chair:        Thank you for coming Ms. Pendo, we will get back to you.
      Pendo:       It’s ok, I am sure the job is mine. (She leaves)

      Do you think Pendo got the job? Explain your answer.     (5mks)



  1. Must be minutes

    Members Present      -  10
    Absent with apology  -  4
    Absent:                    -  1
    Min 1/2019 Preliminaries
    Min 2/2019 Confirmation of previous minutes
    Min 3/2019 Matters arising                                                        
                     Min 22/2018
                     Min 24/2018
    Min 4/2019 Preparation for the great debater’s contest.
    Min 5/2019 Filling the vacant position of treasurer.
    Min 6/2019 Club activities for third term.
    Min 7/2019 any Other Business
    Min 8/2019 Adjournment

    Confirmed     ___________       ____________                                
                          Secretary                   Date
                        ___________       _____________
                          Chairperson                Date

    Heading - 2
    Attendance ( observe protocol) -1
    Absent with apology -1
    Absent – 1
    Preliminaries- 1
    Confirmation – 1
    Matters Arising – 1
    Business of the day- (3 Items × 1) - 3
    A.O.B – 1
    Adjournment – 1
    Signing – 1
    Tone – 2 (must be formal and in passive voice/reported speech)
    TOTAL=20 marks
    1. But
    2. begin/ start
    3. sense
    4. clothes
    5. would
    6. achieved
    7. brevity
    8. good
    9. compound
    10. life
      - No unnecessary capitalization
      - Correct spelling
      - One word
      1. aaabbb ccc ddd -Regular rhyme
        • Alliteration- Still swaying gently,know he knows he knows /n/ or /h/
        • Repetition- knows he knows
        • Assonance – in moving- slow he has no peer
      3. In a slow and protracted manner to indicate the slowness inmovement orslowness in understanding
      1. A tongue twister( 1 mk). They are usually brief, are alliterative and may or may not make sense( 2 mks)
        • They help in language training
        • They enhance pronunciation.
        • They build confidence
        • They entertain.
        • They are performed for recreation (any 3× 1 mk)
      • Listen actively; take notes and ask questions.
      • Avoid distractions e.g. day dreaming and over concentrating on the speaker’s mannerism and dressing.
      • Maintain an upright sitting posture.
      • Maintaining eye contact with the speaker.
      • Motivate the speaker by nodding your head or participating.
      • Observe the speaker’s use of facial expressions, tonal variation and gestures to enhance your understanding of the topic of discussion.
      1. Falling intonation
      2. Rising intonation.
      3. Rising intonation.
      4. Falling intonation.
      1. Moderate
      2. Congratulate
      3. Manipulate
    5. No (1 mk),
      • She is late for the interview.
      • She bursts into the room before being invited.
      • She seats before being asked to.
      • She maintains a casual approach with the panelists.
      • She does not switch off her mobile phone thus causing interruption.
      • She does not put her documents in order thus forgetting some.
      • She does not do a background search of the company. (Any 4×1 mk)
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