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  1. Imagine you are the school captain. One of the students in your school has been invited for a two weeks Young Leadership Program to be held during the holiday. The organizing committee requires further information about the student and has asked you to write a recommendation letter. Write the Recommendation letter addressed to;

    The Secretary,
    Young Leadership Program
    P.O Box 16950,

  2. Read the passage below and fill the blanks provided with a suitable word. (10 marks)

    Conducting a job search 1__________________the Internet has definitely2____________________how job seekers contact hiring 3______________________. The availability of copying and pasting a text version CV into a format 4_________________________company’s Website has laid the foundation for an easier and 5_______________________ convenient process. 6___________________ the Internet’s convenience, a breeding ground for scam artists continues to 7_____________each year as well. Identity thefts have increased to an overwhelming 10 million 8______________________ per year and many of them are the result of phishing-not surprisingly, the employment industry is 9_____________________ attack as well. Knowing what to look for and how to stop fraud can be the best deterrent to ensuring you have a safe experience while conducting your 10___________________________ search.

  3. Oral skills
    1. Read the poem below and answer the questions that follow.


      When I reached the threshold
      The gate was quickly locked
      Though loud and long knocked
      They left me in the cold

      I stood outside for long
      Wondering what was wrong
      Honour wouldn’t let me
      A peeping to be

      When night tiptoed behind
      Me a stranded pilgrim
      Ah, I made up my mind
      To fight on for my dream

      I crashed open the gate
      Uncaring it was wrong
      Wow, I was hugged with a song –
      A welcome initiate


      1. How has rhythm been achieved in the poem? (2 marks)
      2. How would you say the last two lines of the poem and why? (2 marks)
      3. Which words would you stress in the first stanza line 4 of this poem? (2 marks)
    2. Identify the silent letters in the following words (4 marks)
      1. Honour ..
      2. Could ..
      3. Badge..
      4. Receipt.
    3. Identify the odd one out in each of the following sets of words (4 marks)
      1. Respect, resist, religion, referee
      2. Resign, resolve, advise, waste
      3. Usual, visual, pleasure, passion.
      4. Chef, chin, chic, chauffer..
    4. The underlining indicates the stressed word in the sentences below. Briefly explain what each sentence means. (3 marks)
      1. Amanda rode the bus to school.
      2. Amanda rode the bus to school.
      3. Amanda rode the bus to school.
    5. A Non-governmental Organization is seeking to recruit form four graduates to serve as clerks. You have been invited for an interview. Explain briefly what you will do before and during the interview. (6 marks)
    6. Read the following telephone conversation and answer the questions that follow.

      Secretary: (phone rings) Hello, Masomo Secondary School. How may I help you?
      Caller: I want to speak to my mother.
      Secretary: May I know who your mother is please?
      Caller: (impatient and irritated) I have said I want to speak to my mother.
      Secretary: Excuse me, I don’t know who your mother is. Could you please tell me her name?
      Caller: (shouting) You have been working in that institution for the last ten years and you don’t know Mrs. Marita?
      Secretary: (politely) oh, Mrs. Marita? She has just stepped out shortly. May I take a message for her please?
      Caller: (bangs the receiver).

      1. Identify three instances that show the caller’s lack of etiquette (3 marks)
      2. What shows that the secretary demonstrates professional conversational skills during the telephone conversation? (4 marks)

Marking Scheme


    • It must be a letter if not -2AD Wrong Format
    • If a friendly tone is used -1AD Wrong Tone
    • Complete irrelevancy -2AD Irrelevancy

FORMAT: (6 marks)

  • Sender’s Address – ½ mk
  • Date – 1mk
  • Receiver’s Address – ½ mk
  • Salutation: Dear Sir/Madam – 1mk
  • Reference – MUST be capitalized and underlined – 1mk (Must mention the student’s name)
  • Closing Tag – Must be Yours faithfully 1mk
  • Name & Signature – ½ mk (if one is missing award 0)
  • Designation – ½ mk

CONTENT (8 marks)

  • Intention – Recommendation 1mk
  • Duration – How long he/she has known the student 1mk
  • Relationship – in which capacity e.g. my classmate/ cube mate 1mk
  • Experience – leadership position in school etc. 1mk
  • Strength – at least 2 positive traits 2mks
  • Weaknesses – one weakness that shouldn’t negate the recommendation 1mk
  • Conclusion – highly recommend the student 1mk


A – 6               B – 4 & 5                    C – 2 & 3                     D - 1

    1. using
    2. transformed/changed
    3. companies/organizations/firms/institutions
    4. to
    5. a
    6. with
    7. rise
    8. cases
    9. under
    10. job
  1. Oral skills
      1. Alliteration – my mind
        Assonance – for long
      2. smile when saying wow to show excitement
        Falling intonation – to show finality
      3. They left me cold – content words to show the desperation of being left out in the cold
      1. honour
      2. could
      3. badge
      4. receipt
      1. referee
      2. waste
      3. passion
      4. chin
      1. It was Amanda and no one else
      2. Amanda did not walk nor fly but took the bus
      3. Amanda went to school and not any other place.
    5. Before the interview
      1. Read widely on current affairs and professional line.
      2. Learn about the organization and what they do
      3. Arrive slightly before time
      4. Groom decently
        During the interview
      5. Wait to be ushered to a sit
      6. Maintain eye contact
      7. Give precise and concise answers
      8. Be courteous
      9. Sit in an upright posture
      10. Greet the panel
      1. lack of etiquette
        • The caller fails to greet the secretary
        • The caller fails to identify himself
        • The caller arrogantly/rudely demands to speak to his mother
        • The caller fails to thank the receiver
      2. Secretary’s professional conversational skills
        • Begins the conversation by greeting the caller
        • Identifies the institution
        • She uses polite language
        • She offers to take the caller’s message
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