Kenya Certificate Of Secondary Education (KCSE 2009) History and Government Paper 2

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Answer all the questions in this section in the answe booklet provided.

  1. Name two types of written materials used by historians as source of history and government. (2 marks)

  2. State two ways in which the early man obtained food. ( 2 marks)

  3. State Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. (1 mark)

  4. Identify the greatest contribution of Michael Faraday in the field of science. (1 mark)

  5. Give the main use of steam power during the industrial revolution in Europe. (1 mark)

  6. State two disadvantages of using wood as a source of energy. (2 marks)

  7. Give two means of water transport used during the ancient times. (2 marks)

  8. State two advantages of the use of money over barter as a medium of exchange. (2 marks)

  9. Give two reasons why early urban centers in ancient Egypt developed in the Nile valley.(2 marks)

  10. State two economic activities of the Shona during the Pre-colonial period. (2 marks)

  11. Define the term 'sphere of influence' as used by the European powers in Berlin conference of 1884 and 1885. ( 1 mark)

  12. Identify one political reform introduced by President Fredrick de Klerk that led to the achievement of black majority rule in South Africa. (1 mark)

  13. Give one way in which policy of nationalization slowed down economic development in Tanzania during the rule of Julius Nyerere. (1 Mark)

  14. Name the organ of the United Nations that promotes justice in the world. (1 mark)

  15. Identify one superpower that was involved in the cold war. (1 mark)

  16. Name two English speaking member countries of the economic community of west Africa states (ECOWAS) (2 marks)

  17. Identify one house of congress in the United States Of America. (1 mark) 

    Answer any three questions  from this section in the answer booklet provided

    1. Give three stages in the evolution of manbefore Homo Erectus. (3 mark)
    2. Describe six ways in which the discovery offireby the early man improved his way of life (12 marks)

    1. Identify three ways in which water used in industries during the 18th century. (3 marks)
    2. Explain six social effects of the industrial revolution in Europe during the 18th century. (12 marks)

    1. Identify the three methods used by the French to acquire colonies in West Africa. (3 marks)
    2. Explan six factors that led to the defeat of Samori Toure by the French. (12 marks)

    1. Give three reasons why it took long for Mozambique to achieve independence from Portugal. (3 marks)
    2. Explain six Factors that favoured the sucess of FRELIMO nationals during their struggle for independence in mozambique. (12 marks)

      Section C (30 marks)
      Answer any two questions from this section in the answer booklet provided.

    1. List three European countries that formed the Tripple Allicance before the outbreak of the First World War. (3 marks)
    2. Describe six functions of the General Assembly of the United Nations.  (12 marks)

    1. State five characteristics of the Commonwealth member states. (5 marks)
    2. Explain five challenges facing the commonwealth. (10 marks)

    1. State three ways in which a person can become a member of parliament in Britain. (3 marks)
    2. Describe six duties of the Monarch in Britain. (12 marks)
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