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    1. Possession of firearms for self defence should be legalized in Kenya. Write a composition either supporting or opposing this statement.

    2. Write a composition ending with the following words…………………………... after this incident I realized that it is never too late to change.

    Blossoms of the Savannah is a novel about hope that leads to victory; write a composition to illustrate on this statement.

    1. How could the submissive, selfish and silly Nora of the first two acts transform herself into an independent woman by the end of the last act? Is the transformation realistic?




  • Must be an argumentative essay
  • There must be an attempt to argue for and against both sides of the statement.
  • Candidates must clearly come up with their stand/position with reference yo the statement.


  • Must end with the given sentence if not deduct 2AD
  • The story must involve an event that shows change of behavior of a character possibly after an unpleasant experience due to earlier misbehavior.



A dynamic and accommodating person is one who is conscious of the changing circumstances around them and is ready to embrace the new realities with the realization that resisting them would be futile. Akoko and her husband chief Owour Kembo illustrate this.

Accept any other relevant introduction.


Chief Owour Kembo stubbornly refuses to take another wife to bring forth more children and be assured of an heir to the position of chief. Not his mother or the persuasive council of Jodongo can make him change mind. He is contented with Akoko “How could he tell them that since he married his wife, he has profoundly lost interest in all other women”……..pg 30

Moreover he does not mind the position of chief passing on to his brother Otieno if need be, their stained relationship notwithstanding. He treasures Akoko and treats her like a queen; his brother treats his many wives as sluts. Although in a subtle way; the chief’s decision to be contented with a monogamous union points to a shift from traditional mindset that somebody of his status should marry many women. It is possible to find fulfillment in one wife as he does in Akoko.


Akoko’s epic journey to petition the serikal over her brother in law is how of dynamism. Otieno has sat on the chief’s stool with heavy glee and is misusing her husband’s wealth,moreover,he shows no intention of returning the chief’s stool to Owour Kembo’s family when his son comes of age.Ordinarily,Akoko’s complaint against her hostile brother in law would have been decided at clan level.She takes the cause of justice to a new level.This clearly sshows she is receptive to the changing times around her.


Akoko allows Nyabera to seek the new religion at Aluor mission.Nyabera has had to bear one calamity after another, from the loss of hr father and siblings to her own husband and children. Akoko is sensitive to her suffering and supports anything that can calm her nerves. Akoko is thus understanding and accommodating.


Akoko supports Awitis to join a teacher training college. Awiti has excelled in her primary school examination and is among the two girls selectedto join college. However, the mother Nyabera maybe understandably fears that something sinister can happen to her if she is out of her sight. Akoko severely adminishes her and insists that Awiti must take up her position in college--- “Don’t you see the world is changing and she is acquiring something that will make a diference as to whether she survives or perishes. Akoko is alive to the fact the people need to be empowered to fit well in the new order being witnessed.


Maria nyabera is agitated that awiti is engaged to a man “whose roots and antecedents you don’t know” this is the accepted norm that a potential partner has to be investigated to be sure there is no consanguinity or undesirable traits in their family. Decesive akoko brings reason when she says” accept it maria the world is changing.”

Accepted any 4 well illustrated points 4x3=12mks.


The above shows that for change to take root proponents for such change is necessary. These are the people who have the ability to understand that the world is hardly static. Chief Owour Kembo and Akoko demonstrate this.

Accept any credible conclusion (2mks)

Language, grammar and presentation(4mks)

Must be written in paragraph with a topic sentence and supporting sentences.



When one gets too obsessed with something, they risk alienating themselves from the social environment around them. One may become totally unaware of themselves and or insensitive to the feelings of others. In the story diamond dust the author illustrates how obsession can explore one to unpleasant situations.(2mks)

(Accept any credible introduction)

  1. Mr. Das’ obsession with his pet dog Diamond strains his relationship with his wife, she feels that he pays too much attention and affection to the dog at the expense of his family she notes “Not even about our own children-not even your first born son----Mrs. Das grumbles a lot as she mops the puddles from her house, she has to put up with the bad smell too.”
  2. obsession dehumanizes the victim. Mr. Das does things that leave his colleagues embarrassed. He lowers his dignity as a government servant. They caught him roaming ridiculously with the dog and though he was completely ouf of his senses. Mr. das is completely oblivious of this.
  3. Mr. Das relationship with other people is strained the postman’s pair of trousers given to him for uniform by the postal service is torn as the fierce dog attacks him. The neighbors’ children are also attacked. Inspite of all these complaints mr. Das remains unmoved.
  4. C. P Biswas lament that mr. Das has become disintegrated. Mr. Das is so obsessed with his dog that he does not perform his duties at his workplace well. He apologizes for lateness of some work done or some mistakes done. Mr. Das’ obsession finally leads to his death, as he chases a von, that is carrying diamond who had disappeared for some days.

Accept any 4 well illustrated points 4x3=12mks.


Obsession is dangerous. Mr. Das is held captive by his dog and he eventually dies.

Accept any plausible conclusion (2mks)

Language. Grammar, presentation (4mks)

b) Betrayal in the city


Vengeance is the act of punishing or harming somebody in return for what they have done to you or another person. The plot of the play is largely driven by characters who want to avenge the wrongs done to them. (2mks)

  1. Jusper Kills Chagaga
    Jusper’s brother Adika is killed by chagaga during the students demonstration in the city. This death affects Jusper so much that it is feared he is likely to create chaos during his brothers’ burial. When he is released after a brief incarceration and his parents ask for him to guard his brother’s grave against malicious intruders, he sneaks away in search of chagaga whom he gets murders. He avenges the death of his brother. After his parents have been murdered he swears that he can’t rest with the death of his entire family on his mind.
  2. Mulili and Jere
    When they are sent to guard Adika’s grave their disagreement results in Jere using disrespectiful language against mulili and even shooting at him as he speeds away.
    Mulili does not stop at this, he takes revenge by instigating Jere’s arrest and imprisonment.
    Next time we meet Jere, he is in a prison cell with mosese.
  3. Mosese and Nicodemo
    During the meeting for planning the visiting Head of State Visit it is made cear that 600 prisoners will be pardoned if the play some them act to entertain the visitor is successful.
    Nicodemo is very apprehensive he says that is Mosese is pardored it will be personal tragedy for him, he opposes the whole idea of prisoners sharing the dails with the rest of them. He very afraid of the mosese since Nicodemo is the man who implicated Mosese by placing a kilogram of opium in his car.
  4. Kapito and Mulili
    They quarreled over Kabito’s denial of milk tender. Kabito is also opposed to the fact that primary school children should line up to wait for the digninary mulili reports this quarrel to Boss and Boss stage manages a road accident and Kabito meets his death.
  5. Boss and Mercedes
    Mercedes complains over her husband’s attempt rape of Regina. As a punishment she is slapped and locked up in one of the palace cells.
  6. Mosese and the state
    His criticism of the regime lands him in prison. Mosese tells the state his mind since the state says that Adika funeral service must not take more than ten minutes. The coffin should not be carried by student. Weeping in public is illegal for the academic. His speaking of his mind lands him in prison.
  7. The state
    The state is opposed to student’s agitation for change. Adika is killed to avenge his criticism of the state.
  8. Askari and Jere
    The askari denies Jere tea on claim that he is belittling him. Jere is even told by Askari he has a hot mouth.
    Any 4x3=12mks.

CONCLUSION: the above is a clear testimony that man is vengeful by nature.(2mks)

4 marks language, grammar and presentation.


Introduction-Most communities have practiced cultures that discriminate against women .

Their contribution to societal development has not been appreciated. The birth of Kahutia.

Terangi exposes this aspect of culture but being who she is beats all odds and realizes her position. This is what the girl child should borrow to succed.(2mks)

(accept any credible introduction).

  1. Women need resilience because the opportunities available to their male counterparts were not traditionally available to men. In the novel young men are taken through instructions to educate them on historical matters.
    The woman is locked out on such sessions. Kahu finds ways to get to such gathering. This boosts her to grow into her role even when she is locked out.
  2. Women need a forgiving heart to progress When Kahu invites her family for the performance, the person whose support would have been the most significant fails to turn up, but she forgives and moves on. Koro would angrily growl at Kahu whenever she appeared at the meeting. She did not take this at heart and eventually reaped from it.
  3. Women need to take the front line. When a Group of whales were stranded in the coastland,Wangara residents were greatly worried as the whale is a sacred animal equated with the founder of the community. As Koro Apirana puts it if the whale dies, they die, if they live, they live Kahu a girl comes to the rescue of the community.
  4. Women need to give their best in all their undertakings. Kahu is a clever girl who comes top of her class. She is also a leader of the cultural group in the school. Koro Apirana gives a stone test to a group of boys he was teaching. They fail to retrieve to stone but Karu does and gives it to the uncle who hands it over to the grandfather. Later they appreciated her as marked out for leadership.


It is therefore the duty of the women in society to realize their potentials and opportunities to them in order to better their image.

Accept any credible conclusion

Language grammer, presentation (4mks)

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