KCSE 2012 CRE Paper 2 with Marking Scheme

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    1. Outline Micah’s prophecies about the Messiah. (Micah 5: 1-5) (7 marks)
    2. With reference to Luke 1: 13-17, outline the message of angel Gabriel about John to Zechariah. (7 marks)
    3. Give three lessons Christians learn from the incident when Jesus was dedicated. (6 marks)
    1. Describe the incident when Jesus was baptized in river Jordan by John the Baptist. (Luke 3: 21-22) (5 marks)
    2. Outline seven reasons why Christians undergo baptism. (7 marks)
    3. Explain the importance of transfiguration of Jesus to Christians today. (8 marks)
    1. Describe the incident of the healing of the ten leapers. (7 marks)
    2. Explain the teaching of Jesus on the power of faith. (Luke 17: 1-37)
    3. What lessons do Christians learn from the parable of the ten pounds? (Luke 19: 11- 27)  (5 marks)
    1. Explain how the unity of believers is expressed in the image of the body of Christ. (8 marks)
    2. State six reasons why the uses of the gifts of the Holy Spirit brought disunity in the church at Corinth. (6 marks)
    3. In what ways do the Christians in Kenya demonstrate the New Testament teaching on unity? (6 marks)
    1. Identify five sources of Christian ethics. (5 marks)
    2. Give seven reasons why Christians in Kenya condemn homosexuality. (7 marks)
    3. Explain how responsible parenthood is demonstrated by Christians in Kenya today. (8 marks)
    1. Outline the traditional African concept of wealth. (6 marks)
    2. Give eight reasons why corruption is widespread in Kenya today. (8 marks)
    3. Explain six ways the church is using to eradicate poverty in Kenya today. (6 marks)


    1. Micahs prophecies about Messiah.
      1. The Messiah will be born in Bethlehem
      2. He will rule over Israel
      3. His origin is from the old/ancient days.
      4. He will be born of a woman.
      5. He will feed his flock.
      6. He will rule in the majesty/power of God.
      7. In his time, Israel will be secure.
      8. He shall be great to the ends of the earth
      9. Israel will have victory over her enemy/ there will be peace in Israel.
    2. The message of Angel Gabriel about John the Baptist;
      1. John the baptist was to be a son
      2. His name was to be John
      3. He would bring joy/ gladness to his parents/ many will rejoice at his birth.
      4. He will be great before God.
      5. He was to drink no wine/strong drink
      6. He was to be filled with the Holy spirit from his mother’s womb
      7. He would turn many of the sons of Israel to the Lord their God
      8. He was to go before the Lord in the spirit/power of Elijah.
      9. He will turn the hearts of the fathers to the children/ the disobedient to the wisdom of the just.
      10. He was to make ready for the Lord a people prepared.
    3. Lessons Christians learn from Jesus when was dedicated.
      1. Christians should be righteous before God in order to experience Him in their lives.
      2. Christians should thank God for blessing them.
      3. They should trust/have faith in God.
      4. Christians should reach out to all people/preach salvation to them.
      5. Christians should show compassion to the needy in society.
      6. Christians should be devoted in their worship of God regardless of the challenges they face.
      7. Christians should dedicate their children to God/fulfil the church obligations.
        (3x2 = 6marks)
    1. The incident when Jesus was baptised in river Jordan by John the Baptist.
      1. John the Baptist baptised all the people
      2. Jesus was also baptised
      3. Jesus was praying
      4. The heavens opened.
      5. The Holy spirit descended upon Jesus.
      6. A voice came from heaven.
      7. Jesus was described as the beloved son of God with whom He was pleased.
    2. Reasons why Christians undergo baptism today.
      1. Baptism enables them to become children of God.
      2. It enables one to become a member of a Christian community/Christian denomination.
      3. It enables them to receive the power of the Holy Spirit.
      4. It enables them to identify themselves with Christ/ all that he stands for.
      5. It symbolises that one has died and resurrected with Christ, leaving the old sinful nature/ acquisition of a new life in Jesus
      6. Through baptism, one receives complete forgiveness of sins.
      7. It prepares Christians for the kingdom of God.
      8. It unites Christains as members of the body of Christ which is the Church.
      9. It symbolises obedience to Jesus’ teaching.
      10. It acts as an outward sign of their inner faith as it is done publicly.
      11. It is a sign of a new covenant with God.
    3. Importance of the transfiguration of Jesus to Christian today;
      1. It took place when Jesus and three of his disciples were praying. Christians should therefore take time off their duties to pray.
      2. Jesus and his disciples had retreated to a private place/ mountain to pray Christians therefore should have retreats/ go to a private place for prayer.
      3. Resurrection is a reality since Moses who died appeared in the transfiguration. Christians therefore should have hope for life after death.
      4. Moses and Elijah appeared to encourage Jesus about the suffering he was about to face.
      5. Christians therefore learn that they should accept/endure suffering as a way to salvation.
      6. Jesus came to do the will of his Father/fulfill the law/prophecies. Christians are assured of   salvation/should believe in the word of God.
      7. The disciples heard the voice of God which commanded them to listen to Jesus. Christians learn that God speaks to them/they should listen to Gods voice/Jesus the word of God.
      8. The cloud symbolized God’s presence with Jesus. Christians therefore learn that God is always with them/ they should call upon Him for help/desire to be in the presence of God.
        (4x2 = 8marks)
    1. The healing of the ten lepers.
      1. Jesus was on his way to Jerusalem
      2. He met ten lepers/men who were suffering from leprosy.
      3. The men stood at a distance/shouted at Jesus to have mercy on them.
      4. Jesus told them to go and show themselves to the priests.
      5. As they went, they were healed/cleansed.
      6. One of them, a Samaritan came one’s praising God/thanked Jesus
      7. Jesus asked where the other nine were.
      8. Jesus wondered at the fact that only a foreigner returned to give praise to God.
      9. Jesus asked him to rise/go his way for his faith had made him well.
    2. Jesus teaching on the power of faith;
      1. Faith gives believers strength to overcome temptations/sin.
      2. It enables them to forgive each other constantly
      3. It makes even the weakest strong.
      4. Enables believers to perform their duties without expecting material rewards.
      5. Faith enables believers to work tirelessly because there is a lot of work to be done.
      6. Faith leads to physical healing.
      7. Faith enables believers to show gratitude to God for his blessings/benefits they have received from Him.
      8. It enables them to experience the kingdom to God in their hearts.
      9. It enables believers to enter the kingdom of God/receive eternal life.
    3. Lessons Christian learn from the parable of the ten pounds.
      1. Christians should use the abilities that God has given them for the benefit of others.
      2. Christians will be rewarded according to their performances.
      3. Christians have been given different gifts/abilities by God.
      4. Christians will give an account of how they used their abilities.
      5. Christians need to be obedient/honest.
      6. God expects Christians to use opportunities provided for His glory.
      7. Christians will lose their abilities if not put to use/punished.
    1. How the unity of believers is expressed in the body of Christ.
      1. St. Paul describes the believers as the body of Christ
      2. Christ is the head of the church
      3. The believers form parts of the body.
      4. The body has different organs. In the same way the Church has different members
      5. They all need to work together for the well being of the church.
      6. Every part of body is needed to make it whole all parts are interdependence/ one part cannot be without the other.
      7. The different church members are given different spiritual gifts by the Holy Spirit to carry out God’s work.
      8. Believers are united through baptism in the Holy Spirit.
    2. Reasons why the use of the gifts of the Holy Spirit brought disunity in the Church at Corinth;
      1. There was competition in speaking in tongues
      2. There was disorder/confusion in worship as people with different gifts tried to outdo one another
      3. People did not use their gifts for the benefit of the Church/one another.
      4. Some gifts such as prophecy/teaching were looked down upon/there was pride/boasting.
      5. There was no interpretation of tongues when the gift of speaking in tongues was in use, hence messages were not understood.
      6. People did not show love for one another.
      7. Those with the gift of speaking in tongues despised those who did not have/some members thought they were too spiritual.
    3. Ways in which the Christians in Kenya demonstrate the New testament teaching on unity.
      1. Christians meet for prayers/fellowship together.
      2. They observe a day of worship to honour God.
      3. They share the Holy communion/meals.
      4. They help those who are poor/needy
      5. They solve problems affecting the Church members
      6. They hold joint crusades/rallies
      7. They also cooperate by providing Christian programmes in the mass media/ resource              materials.
      8. They speak in one voice to condemn evil in society
    1. Sources of Christian ethics.
      1. Human reason/experience
      2. The bible
      3. Traditions from Christian community
      4. Natural law.
      5. Situation ethics.
    2. Reasons why Christian condemn homosexuality;
      1. Homosexuality is a form of sexual immorality
      2. It is against God’s/ Biblical teaching it is a sin
      3. It is an abuse to the sacredness of sex
      4. It is contrary to the natural order of things.
      5. Homosexuality does not enable procreation to take place
      6. It lowers the dignity of human beings who are created in the image of God
      7. It can lead to diseases like Hiv/AIDs leading to human suffering.
      8. It leads to rejection/being an outcast.
    3. How responsible parenthood is demonstrated by Christians in Kenya today.
      1. Christian parents provide physical /basic needs for the family
      2. They provides spiritual guidance to their children
      3. They teach their children to live in harmony with others/moral values
      4. They provide their children with education in order to acquire necessary knowledge/skills to  realize their full potential
      5. They act as role models for their children
      6. They discipline/correct the children whenever they deviate from the norms\
      7. They provide protection/security to their children which enables the children to deal with   situations in life.
      8. They teach their children how to grow physically/socially/psychologicaly so as for them to   understand changes in their bodies as they develop.
    1. The traditional African concept of wealth.
      1. Wealth is a blessing from God.
      2. It is part and parcel of human existence
      3. It is measured in the amount of property/wives/children one has
      4. It can be individually/communally owned.
      5. Wealth is acquired through hardworking/inheritance/gift
      6. Wealth determines ones social status.
      7. Wealth should be used to help the needy in society
      8. There are rules governing how it is distributed.
      9. Wealth is used to worship God/appease ancestors
    2. Reasons why corruption is widespread in Kenya today
      1. Unemployment cases which makes an individual desperate to secure an employment chance by engaging in corrupt activities.
      2. Desire for instant services/ make some people become corrupt.
      3. Some people feel that they have not been adequently paid for work done hence engage in corrupt acts to compensate themselves
      4. Fear of arrest/punishment make law breakers to engage in corrupt deals.
      5. Some people engage in corrupt deals in order to be served due to ignorance of their rights.
      6. Lack of moral integrity by some people.
      7. Greed makes some people to engage in corruption
      8. Due to tribal/ethnic affiliations.
      9. There is no efficient machinery to curb corrupt practice.
      10. The Judiciary is not able to deal with injustice cases take too long to be determined.
      11. Some government agents abuse the power bestowed upon them.
      12. The belief of the common person that the government is a master and therefore has to be corrupted before receiving services.
        (8 x 1 = 8 marks)
    3. Ways the Church is using to eradicate poverty in Kenya.
      1. The Church preaches/teaches/encourages hard work among the citizens which enables them to fight poverty.
      2. The Church speaks against vices like oppression/exploitation of the poor by the rich in the   society which are promoting poverty.
      3. The Church takes care of the poor by providing them with material possession
      4. The Church has established projects that offer employment to members of the society this   enables them to take care of their needs
      5. The Church gives out bursaries to the needy children enabling them undertake education and   get employment.
      6. The Church is offering subsidized medical services which enhances the economic output/   productivity of the people.
      7. The Church is working together with the government to create a peaceful society which   promotes economic/social development.
      8. The Church prays for God’s intervention in the lives of the poor which gives them hope in life.
      9. It offers guidance and counselling to the poverty stricken thus enabling them to open up to   realities of life.
        (6x1=6 marks)
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