CRE Paper 2 Questions and Answers - Baringo North Joint Evaluation Mock Exams 2022

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  • Answer any Five questions in the answer sheet provided.
  • Each question has three sections i.e. a,b,c
  • Each question carries 20 marks.
    1. State the Jewish Expectations about the Messiah. ( 7 mks)
    2. Give seven qualities that Jesus portrayed when he accompanied his parents to the temple at the of twelve. ( 7 mks)
    3. State six lessons that Christians learn from the incident when Jesus was left behind by his parents in the temple according to Lk. 2:41-52. 6 mks) 
    1. Describe the temptations of Jesus in the wilderness. ( 7 mks)
    2. Describe the call of the first Disciple of Jesus (Lk5:1-11). ( 8 mks)\
    3. Give the lessons that Christians learn from the transfiguration of Jesus. ( 5 mks)
    1. Identify the six components of the Lord’s prayer. ( 6 mks) 
    2. Narrate the parable of the Gold Coins  (Lk:19:11-27) . ( 8 mks)
    3. What is the importance of Jesus resurrection to Christians? ( 6 mks)
    1. State the teachings of Jesus on the role of the Holy Spirit. ( 8 mks)
    2. Outlined ways in which Christians can identify those who are led by the Holy Spirit among themselves. ( 6 mks)
    3. Give six ways in which Christians can prevent divisions in the church in Kenya today. ( 7 mks)
    1. State seven reasons why Divorce is rare in the traditional African communities.    ( 7 mks)
    2. Give six factors that a Christian employer should consider when making a decision on a salary for an employee. ( 6 mks) 
    3. Explain the dangers of illicit drugs among the youth in Kenya today. (7 mks)
    1. Outline the Traditional African concept of wealth. ( 7 mks) 
    2. Give eight reasons why it is important to have laws in a country. ( 8 mks)
    3. State five reasons why Christians should vote during the general elections. ( 5 mks)


    1. the Jewish expectations about the Messiah.
      • They expected a political leader who would overthrow their colonial rulers, the Romans.
      • The Messiah would rule the world from Jerusalem and receive homage from all  nations of the earth.
      • Jerusalem would be the new political centre of the world.
      • He would uphold Judaism.
      • He would have God’s spirit to perform miracles.
      • The Messianic Kingdom would be accomplished through God’s judgement on Israel’s enemies.
      • He would be a descendant of David.
      • He would come after the return of Elijah.
      • He would not associate with the poor, the Gentiles and sinners.
      • Cosmic signs would precede the arrival of the Messiah.     7 x 1 = 7 mks
    2. Qualities that Jesus portrayed when He accompanied his parents to the temple at the age of twelve.
      • He was obedient.
      • He was courageous
      • He was knowledgeable and intelligent
      • He was respectful
      • He was cooperative
      • He was honest
      • He was patient
      • He was assertive and independent.
      • He was social
      • He was inquisitive    7 x 1 = 7 mks
    3. Lessons that Christians learn from the incident when Jesus was left behind by his parents at the temple.
      • parents should be concerned about the whereabouts of their children.
      • Children should be taught the word of God.
      • There should be communication among family members and inform another of their whereabouts.
      • Christians should accommodate the views of the youth
      • Christians should exercise tolerance and forgiveness
      • Christians should give God first   priority as Jesus did.
      • Christians learn that Jesus is the son of God.     6 x 1 = 6 mks
    1. Temptation of Jesus in the wilderness (Luke4:1-13)
      1. Jesus ate nothing for forty days /was hungry.
      2. The devil told Jesus to command a stone to turn into bread if he is the son of God.
      3. Jesus responded that human beings do not live on bread alone
      4. Then the devil led Jesus to a high place/showed him all the kingdoms of the world.
      5. The devil told Jesus that he would give him all worldly authority/glory if the worshipped him.
      6. Jesus responded by saying that only the Lord God should be worshipped /served.
      7. The devil took Jesus to the highest point of the temple in Jerusalem/pinnacle
      8. The devil told Jesus to throw himself down from there.
      9. Jesus responded by saying that God should not be tempted/put to test.     7 x 1 = 7 mks
    2. The call of the first disciples of Jesus. (Luke 5: 1-11)
      1. Jesus was standing by the lake of Gennesaret
      2. He saw two boats without the fishermen
      3. He entered Simon’s boat/asked him to push it into the water.
      4. He sat down/taught people from the boat.
      5. He asked – Simon to push the boat into the deep water /cast the nets for catch.
      6. Simon told Jesus that they had been fishing the whole night without success.
      7. They finally accepted to lower the nets.
      8. They caught a lot of fish/asked their partners in the other boat to assist them remove the nets.
      9. Simon peter and his companions were astonished at the miraculous catch of fish/peter asked Jesus to depart from the him because he was a sinful man.
      10. Jesus told peter not be afraid because he was to catch men form then.
      11. They brought their boats to land, left everything and followed Jesus.    8 x 1 = 8 mks
    3. Lessons that Christians learn from the transfiguration of Jesus.
      1. Christians learn that Jesus is the son of God/holy
      2. They should be always alert.
      3. They should not be selfish /share God’s secrets with others.
      4. It teaches that Jesus was a fulfilment of the Old Testament law/ prophesies
      5. They should be prayerful.
      6. They learned that Jesus is the messiah foretold by the Old Testament prophets.
      7. They should enter the presence of God with great respect/reverence
      8. They should live with hope knowing that there is life after death.
      9. They should be slow to speak/lean more about Christ before they speak.     ( 5 mks) 
    1. The components of the Lord’s Prayer
      1. Addressing God as our father – “ Our Father”
      2. honouring God’s Holy name – “ Hallowed be the name”
      3. Declaring the coming of God’s Kingdom – “Thy  Kingdom come”
      4. Ask for God’s provision – “ Give us our daily bread”
      5. Asking God to forgive our sins as we forgive those who offend us.
      6. Asking God not to lead us into temptations and to give us power to resist them – “and lead  us not into temptation.     6 x 1 = 6 mk
    2. The parable of the Coins  ( Lk 19:11-27)
      1. A nobleman was going to a far country to be made a king
      2. before he left, he called ten of his servants and gave each a gold coin.
      3. He instructed them to trade with the gold coins.
      4. When he returned from his journey, he called the ten servants so that they could show what they had gained from trading with the coins.
      5. The first one had earned 10 gold coins with the one he had been given and the second had earned five gold coins.
      6. The two servants were commented for working had and for making profits.  The master increased their responsibilities.
      7. The third servant had ignored his master’s instructions.  He did not trade with the gold coin; instead, he hid it in a handkerchief.
      8. His master was annoyed with him. he condemned him.  He took a way the one gold coin he had and gave it to the servant who had the 10 gold coins.    8 x 1 = 8 mks
    3. The importance of Jesus’ Resurrection to Christians.
      1. It confirms Jesus as the son of God.
      2. It is the basis of their faith
      3. It confirms that Jesus is a live
      4. It is the fulfillment of Jesus’ promise to His disciples
      5. It gives Christians courage to face suffering and death.
      6. It led to the coming of the Holy Spirit.
      7. It gives the hope of eternal life.
      8. Through Jesus’ resurrection, death has been conquered.
      9. It displays the power of God.
      10. It gives baptism a new meaning, that is, being buried and rising with Christ.     6 x 1 = 6 mks
    1. The teaching of Jesus on the role of the Holy Spirit.
      1. The Holy Spirit is a counselor/helper
      2. He comforts the teachers
      3. He guides
      4. He judges/convicts the world
      5. He is the Spirit of truth
      6. He is a companion
      7. He strengthens
      8. He empowers
      9. He reminds/convinces people on righteousness
      10. He glorifies Jesus Christ.
      11. He reveals the things of God/reveals things to come.      8 x 1 = 8 mks
    2. Ways Christians can identify those who are led by the Hold Spirit among themselves
      1. By listening to confessions of the fellow/they should confess Christ
      2. By analyzing the kind of doctrine they preach/teach, whether it is centered on Jesus Christ.
      3. By examining the lives of fellow Christians, whether they possess the fruits of holy spirit
      4. When a believer does not use gifts of Holy Spirit for selfish gain/motive
      5. When a Christian gives glory/praise to God after performing a miracle/serving
      6. When a Christian leads people to Christian repentance
      7. By observing their way life behavior/not led by the flesh.     6 x 1 = 6 mks
    3. Ways in which Christians can prevent divisions in the church in Kenya today.
      1. Treat each other with love
      2. Avoid discriminating/segregation/tribalism in the church.
      3. Preach/teach the word of God/Bible truths to believers
      4. Assist those in problems/the poor/ the less fortunate/the needy.
      5. Practice transparent leadership styles.
      6. Give financial reports within an acceptable period of time.
      7. Follow the church doctrines/constitution’s/manuals/educate members on church procedures.
      8. Repent/ask for forgiveness whenever they are wrong/accept their mistakes.
      9. Preparing a budget annually/seasonally/ensuring that the resources are well utilized.
      10. Guidance and counselling.     6 x 1 = 6 mks
    1. reasons  why divorce is rare in traditional African communities
      1. Marriage is permanent/highly valued
      2. There is investigation concerning the families to be involved in the marriages/courtship allowed in some communities
      3. Many people are involved in marriage negotiations
      4. The wife belongs to both the husband and the wider community
      5. Payment of dowry/getting children seal the marriage.
      6. Elaborate marriage procedures/ritual make it difficult for one to divorce
      7. Fear of paying fines/returning bride wealth in case of divorce/lose of dignity
      8. Marriage disputes are handled by the parents /elders
      9. In case of bareness/impotence an alternative is sought e.g  polygamy
      10. Boys/girls are taught about sex family life
      11. Gender roles are clearly observed.    7 x 1 = 7 mks
    2. Factors that a Christian employer should consider when making a decision on a salary for an employee.
      1. Hours of work
      2. Education/training of employee/qualification/skills
      3. Experience of employee/competence
      4. Value of work
      5. Needs of the employee/state the economy of the country/standard of living
      6. Dangers/risks of the job to be done/nature of work/type of work
      7. The returns/profit of the work
      8. The ability to pay/sustainability
      9. The amount of work to be done/role     6 x 1 = 6 mks
    3.  The dangers of illicit drugs among the youth in Kenya today. 
      1. There is an increase in rate of crimes committed/theft.
      2. Use of illicit drugs leads to sexual immorality/contracting sexually transmitted infections/HIV Aids
      3. Dependence on illicit drugs depletes resources/lower productivity leading to poverty.
      4. Illicit drugs can damage vital organs/cause ill health
      5. illicit drugs cause indiscipline, in institutions of learning
      6. The number of street children/families is increasing as a result of using drugs.
      7. Use of illicit drugs is illegal; the offenders are liable for punishment/imprisonment.
      8. Use of illicit drugs can cause employer/employee conflicts.
      9. illicit drug users become irresponsible/quarrelsome/irritable leading to family disagreements/breakup.
      10. Use of illicit drugs can lead to murder/death
      11. Use of illicit drugs can lead to addiction.     7 x 1 = 7 mks
    1. The traditional African concept of wealth.
      1. Wealth is a blessing from God
      2. It is part and parcel of human existence
      3. It is measured in the amount of property/wives/children one has
      4. It can be individually/communally owned.
      5. Wealth is acquired through hard work/inheritance/gift
      6. Wealth determines ones’ social status.
      7. Wealth should be used to help the needy in society.
      8. There are rules governing how it is distributed.
      9. Wealth is used to worship God/appease ancestors.      7 x1 = 7 mks
    2. Give six reasons why it is important to have laws in a country.
      1. Laws safeguard people’s rights/citizens’ rights.
      2. People’s property is protected under the law
      3. They protect the consumer from exploitation
      4. It allows/provides for economic development/growth.
      5. Individuals are able to enjoy the freedom of worship.
      6. The law acts as a check/measure of those in authority
      7. The law outlines how foreigners should be handled
      8. They control taxation/collection of revenue
      9. It enables the government to protect its citizens against oppression.
      10. The law determines the type of punitive measures for a crime done/prevents crime.
      11. It ensures political stability in a country nation
      12. It outlines the relationship between different nations/countries.       8 x 1 = 8 mks
    3. Reasons why Christian should vote during the general elections
      1. It is their constitutional right
      2. In order to own their elected leaders/identify with them
      3. So as to remove oppressive leaders/government.
      4. In order to effect a peaceful change/transition
      5. It is a demonstration of obedience to earthly authorities.
      6. The elected leaders are their direct representatives in parliament/civic authorities.     5 x 1 = 5 mk
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